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Islam defines women´s right in Arabia Saudi. A male guardian is required for women to have. Women are not allowed to vote or be elected  to political positions. This cartoon portrays how women have to ask their husband first to be able to take a decision. In this case we see that the woman is going to vote for a candidate, and the representative is telling how she needs to vote for the candidate her husband told her to.

This editorial cartoon is trying to transmit a message of the prejudice currently growing in society against Islam, and how the people affected by such ¨disease ¨ need and a brain transplant. We can also identify the violent, and dangerous reaction of people with discrimination, criticism,  irrational fear and prejudice against Muslims.

This editorial cartoon represents a previous situation where Geert Wilders, a leader of the Party Freedom, a political party from Netherlands.

Wilders is known by his criticism of Islam. One of his quotes:¨I don´t hate Muslims, I hate Islam¨. Wilders also developed a campaign to banned the Quran in the Netherlands . He also advocates the eradication of immigration from countries that follow this religions. Wilders was accused of discrimination and incitement of hatred.

This particular editorial cartoon portrays how each character is not what it says they are. Like the rabbit is not a duck. And the bear is not a Cat, and Obama is not muslim, and so He is not tolerant.






Images and articles used here under Educational Fair Usehttp://www.cetus.org/

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  1. lilibeth26
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 07:46:43

    All of these information needs modification


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